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Beauty Focus Collagen

Beauty Focus Collagen

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See what happy customers have been saying about the collagen in the photos! 


As we age our collagen production decreases 1.5% every year!  

There are so many amazing benefits of collagen! We have been working/testing and conducting clinicals for 6 years to ensure our liquid collagen is most effective & best absorbing on the market! 

This Collagen is unique proprietary blend you cans find anywhere else! 


•65% increase of collagen in skin (other companies only showed a 0-6% increase)

•12% increase nail growth rate

•Less broken nails and hair

•Healthier looking hair

•20% decrease in wrinkles

•15% increase in skin elasticity

•14% Increased radiance

•39 % increase in Improved skin texture

•Compounded results when used with Lumispa 79% increase in skin texture and 47% increased radiance!

 Other notable benefits:

•Helps prevent blue light damage from devices

•Scan score certified at Level 1 on the Biophotonic (antioxidant) scanner

•No artificial flavors or colors

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