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TR90® 30-Day Kit

TR90® 30-Day Kit

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Shake Flavor

2-TR90® - Flavor shake of your choice either Vanilla, Chocolate, GreenShake or 1 Vanilla/1 Chocolate 

The TR90 within the name stands for Transform in 90 days. ageLOC TR90 is the first weight management system based upon gene expression science. The ageLOC TR90 system will transform your body shape and silhouette in 90 days.

WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF AGELOC TR90 COMPARED TO TRADITIONAL WEIGHT LOSS PLANS? ageLOC TR90 is a comprehensive program including an easy to follow eating plan, lifestyle tips, convenient protein shakes, and three dietary supplements—ageLOC TR90 Fit, ageLOC TR90 Control, ageLOC TR90 JumpStart—formulated to: 1) target and promote healthy metabolism, 2) support lean muscle, and 3) promote a positive mood and mindset. The combination of these components harnesses the strengths of the most up-to-date nutrition research and cutting-edge gene expression science to achieve a leaner, healthier, more youthful looking body. ageLOC TR90 products address weight management by scientifically understanding weight management at the genetic level. An important distinction between ageLOC TR90 and traditional diets is that traditional diets do not always differentiate between overall weight loss, which include fat loss and lean tissue loss. In fact, 20 to 40% of weight lost on traditional plans can be accounted for in a loss of metabolically active lean tissue, which can be counterproductive to long-term weight management goals. Clinical research reveals that ageLOC TR90 supports lean muscle. Nu Skin never uses stimulants.

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